Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 World Gymnastic Championships

Nikolai Kuksenkov is still a question of the Russian team in the overall individual competition in Antwerp. He   dislocated  his  finger and  wont be able to  compete on all apparatus. . Another Gymnast, Belyavski David also runs the same risks  with an ankle injury, but will try to compete. 
Head coach Valery Alfosov of the Russian team for Antwerp said that Belyavski, Kuksenkov have minor injuries, may only compete on events but still undecided though.  The final decision will be  made  at the end of practice in Antwerp according to  the technical director of the men's team, Valeri Alfosov.
We hope both would be able to compete at the World. 

We wish them quick recovery.

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